STOP Paying Letting Agency Fees!

Pay £0 fees and get up to 10% more than your market rental every month guaranteed... doesn't that sound supa?

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Here are some more supa benefits...

Guaranteed Rent

We pay you the same amount every single month that we manage your property - you have no void periods and no more worrying about having to pay the mortgage! Go on holiday with confidence knowing that you have guaranteed rent still coming in whilst you are away.

No Maintenance

We maintain your property and the appliances, fixtures, fittings and furnishings within it to a very high standard.  We replace most fixtures, fittings and furnishings too when they need to.

No Fees

We mean it - there are absolutely no fees for you to pay at all! What we agree as your rent is what you get - guaranteed!

Hassle Free Income

From start to finish, the process is simple. Your property investment will work for you whilst you continue with your life. Never have to think or worry about your property and know with full confidence that your investment is performing well and is being actively managed for you.

Regular Updates

We send you regular updates on how your property is doing. This monthly report can be as detailed as you would like it to be. We can include things such a current pictures or list of maintenance/repair carried out or scheduled. Also included will be current certification (EPC, Gas, Electric) but also when these are to be renewed.

No Tenant Issues

Never again worry about tenants or making them happy - we take care of everything so that you can sleep happy at night!

Free Refurbishment

Not only do we keep your property in pristine condition throughout the whole term we manage your property but we will also redecorate and replace tired furnishings regularly to keep it looking fresh and inviting.


As long as we are both happy with the agreement, there could be no end to our partnership and you can sit back for years or decades with your regular and assured income.

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